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Before the legalization of Cannabis, purchasing cannabis products was not a simple task. Most of the time, tobacco shops would sell glass products or rolling papers labeled for tobacco use only, and cannabis users would strategically purchase them for their own purposes. The legalization of Cannabis brought it out of the shadows and converted the industry into a place for legitimate businesses to flourish.

While e-commerce in cannabis is on the rise, consumers still cannot “purchase” cannabis online. The cannabis industry differs from other e-commerce industries because the transaction still needs to be cash based according to regulations. The specific means we have of setting up e-commerce will capture the necessary information to make the final transaction as smooth and efficient as possible for your consumers, while following all compliance regulations.

Cannabis Packaging

Avid cannabis users want to try different ways of cannabis consumption. However, cannabis marketing can be quite a costly challenge for businesses who dive-in without doing the right research. It is very difficult to market the cannabis brand because of certain strict limitations and restrictions. Cannabis manufacturers are not allowed to advertise their products openly, or in manners that market to specific audiences (such as minors). Furthermore, they are also restricted from using more than a certain amount of THC in their products to meet the legal standards.

The increasing number of online Cannabis stores has revolutionized the E-commerce cannabis industry. Almost every brand is looking into creating an online store to maximize their presence and boost their sales. The need of the hour is to step into the e-commerce cannabis world due to the rapidly increasing competition in the industry. Not only is it necessary to stand out in a challenging round of powerful competitors, but also it will help generate more sales and fulfill the varying needs of customers.

Cannabis retail is here for good. Many business owners in the realm of wellness, beauty, health, or another CBD commodity have considered the expansion into cannabis products at one time or another. No matter the way you enter into the cannabis industry, having a thorough understanding of the market and its rapidly evolving landscape is crucial to long-term success. Things like payment system requirements, possible friction in the customer experience, or other potentially damaging business, economic, or financial factors are likely to come into play–having an experienced marketing team skilled in e-commerce in your corner will set your business up for success during this transition.  

Cannabis Branding

Cannabis marketing should not only be about selling the products, but the primary factor while branding cannabis should be to provide complete information about the products and the effects. Ensuring you are meeting these guidelines to protect your brand is only possible with a well optimized cannabis website and valuable content.