Whats In A Name?
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Whats In A Name?

Many of our clients come to us in the beginning stages of getting their new business up and going. We have seen some businesses with some well-established fantastic names! We have also seen some businesses that really did not understand the amount of back end work that goes into thinking up the PERFECT business name! Consider these three tips when YOU are choosing a business name!


Choosing the right name for your business is key, it must be professional yet unique to your business. There are a few pieces to ponder in the beginning stages. Does your business have an LLC that will need to be attached to your business name? Depending on what state you live in that is a very good possibility, there are some states that will allow you to work under a DBA (doing business as) without the LLC attached to the business name but other states require you to make sure that is well listed. Are you going for something unique? If so, did you make it simple enough for people to understand the message being given by  your business name? I LOVE creative business names, but they can be tricky if not done appropriately. A business name should give people an idea of what you have to offer to them.


This is extremely important when you are picking a business name. Questions you may ask yourself, is it too hard to spell? Unique spellings are great, my three children and I have names with unique spelling! When a business name is too challenging to remember the spelling, a person is likely to look it up in the future. Is the business name too long? Generally, keeping your name simple is more effective–a customer is more likely to remember a name two to three words long. I also remind clients to think long-term, will the name make sense if you decide to expand? You do not want to box yourself into an industry because of your business name.


Did you take the time to go online and make sure the business name you are looking at is available? A few searches should be conducted before making your name official. Check online to make sure the name website domain name is available, you can search on https://www.godaddy.com/ . You should also be checking your social media platforms to make sure the name is not taken there. Checking with the state is very important, as you should make sure the name has not been trademarked.Once you have done your research you can pick your business name and GET IT REGISTERED; this will prevent another entity from taking your business name.

Siarra Burke

Kush Media Company

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