Are You Reaching Your Full Marketing Potential?

Create a stunning website to connect to your ideal clients

Professional website design, hosting and maintenance are essential when it comes to growing a successful business. Your website is the first thing your potential clients will see when they are introduced to your company–are you making a lasting impression? Kush Media Co. of Maine provides custom website design and maintenance services helping you connect directly to your target audience. Whether your business specializes in cannabis, holistic or alternative care, we are the one stop place for all your brand development needs. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

3 reasons WHY your business needs a website​

Kush Media Co. offers cannabis and alternative care brand development

Let’s face it—running a business is expensive. Is a website worth the cost? Absolutely!

Here are three important reasons why your business needs and updated, functioning website:


Your customers will be able to connect to you directly and engage with your brand


You’ll attract more customers than you would with word-of-mouth alone.


Your website will be accessible 24/7, which is very convenient for your clients.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

You can create an incredible website but if no one can find it, is it really working? Kush Media Co. specializes in not only creating a website that will impress your potential customers when THEY are searching for YOU. Resulting in you finding your perfect customer. We work together to identify your ideal customer and work diligently to make sure they can find you. Using keywords to explain your business, gives the customer the opportunity to find you in their search.

Contact Kush Media today to learn more about the benefits of search engine optimization, in the Waterville, ME area.