See How Easy It Is to Build Your CBD, Hemp, And Cannabis Brand

The key to getting a new business up and running is understanding your target demographic—your brand is the FIRST thing your consumers are going to notice. Hire us for expert cannabis brand development in the Waterville, ME area.

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Invest In Your Brand​

Narrowing down your target audience can be hard—Kush Media Co. can help. If your business specializes in cannabis services, CBD, and hemp you face unique marketing challenges. Because of this we understand that getting your brand in front of your consumers and making sure consumers can get more information is essential. We will work with you to highlight the demographics you are focused on targeting. From there we can research the market and and develop a strategic plan to be the brand you want to represent.


Kush Media Co. in Waterville, ME will help you build your brand and create the perfect logo to make your company more attractive to your target market.

Connect to your cannabis, hemp and CBD customers with targeted branding and logo design for your company. Branding can be confusing-let us make it crystal clear for you! Our branding experts are educated in targeting specific consumer markets by creating and shaping a brand that will allow your potential and current customers to quickly identify you and experience what your cannabis, CBD, or hemp business can provide for them. Kush Media will help shape a brand that will make your customers choose you over the competition.

Make a name for yourself in your industry

Let Kush Media Co. help you build your brand and attract new clients. Our brand development team can assist you with:

Logo design

Target market analysis

Promotional material design

Let's work together to build your brand today!

Our expert team of Branding Professionals in Waterville, ME are prepared to help your business grow by improving your current brand and logo, or by assisting you in building a better, more relevant brand and an entirely new and impactful logo!


Your company sells a product or provides a service, your brand is the consumers perceived image of that product or service. Branding is the marketing technique to help your cannabis business reach your target market, resonate with your customers, and provide the best consumer perception of your brand possible. Your brand will forever be what your consumer associates with your business. We will work with you to build a strategic plan to build your brand and grow your business with the reputation you want.

Logo Design

Your business logo is a particularly important piece of your business’s brand and a successful marketing campaign. Symbols (logo’s) are a short and sweet way to convey information about your company to a potential customer. Logo’s make a significant impact on a company’s public perception. When designed well a company logo can quickly claim a consumers attention and encourage them to seek more information about your business. We will work with you to develop a logo that speaks to that brand and speaks to your customers within your target market.

What are some of the ways Kush Media will develop your brand?

  • We can help you identify and develop your Brand Definition-the purpose and perception you want to convey to your consumer.
  • We can develop your Brand Identity-name, tone, visual design including logo, colors, associated fonts, etc.
  • We can help develop your Brand Statement-your tagline, your catchphrases, the values and promises you want your customer to expect from you.
  • Packages involving all aspects of digital marketing to tie in with your company branding and logo and present a complete package to your consumer.
  • Packaging and product design.
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The Importance of A Strong Brand

Invest in the future of your business by building your brand today-contact Kush Media Co. to learn more about our brand development services.

Build your brand from the logo on up!

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