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ATTRACT Online visitors for your cannabis, CBD, and hemp business with Kush Media Co. in Waterville, ME!

Kush Media Co. does the heavy lifting for you.

Kush Media Co. does the heavy lifting for you. Our experts can build you an entirely new website or update a current, poorly functioning one. Our team will build you a website designed to not only stay relevant with expert local SEO content, but to have a captivating design that encourages your customer to fully explore your site and what your business has to offer. Turn your online visitors into actual customers.

First Impression

Our professional web design team will build you a captivating, perfectly coded, and adaptable website with optimal SEO content that will easily convert new customers. Your website is often the first impression a customer has of your business. Your site should be a representation of your store and brand. A website that looks professional lends the impression of an established and trustworthy business with high quality products and services.

Engage and Educate

Your website should work for you, you should not work trying to keep your website relevant and engaging. Our expert web design team working locally in Waterville, ME will build and maintain a mobile-friendly website designed to boost your rankings. A website keeps you available 24/7 to your customers, even when you and your storefront may not be. An always relevant and always available business will keep your customers satisfied and your ratings high.

3 reasons WHY your business needs a website​​

  • Kush Media Co. offers cannabis and alternative care brand development
  • Let’s face it—running a business is expensive. Is a website worth the cost? Absolutely!
  • Here are three important reasons why your business needs and updated, functioning website:
Web Design Image

At Kush Media Co. we work hard to provide our customers with a site they like the look of, that will provide the right information to the people who are searching for the business. Each month we work to add more or improve your content to help Google with finding your site. In turn, resulting in more customers being able to find your business. 

You can create an incredible website but if no one can find it, is it really working? Kush Media Co. specializes in not only creating a website that will impress your potential customers when THEY are searching for YOU. Resulting in you finding your perfect customer. We work together to identify your ideal customer and work diligently to make sure they can find you. Using keywords to explain your business, gives the customer the opportunity to find you in their search.

Create a stunning website to connect to your ideal clients

Professional website design, hosting and maintenance are essential when it comes to growing a successful business. Your website is the first thing your potential clients will see when they are introduced to your company–are you making a lasting impression? Kush Media Co. of Waterville, Maine provides custom website design and maintenance services helping you connect directly to your target audience. Whether your business specializes in cannabis, holistic or alternative care, we are the one stop place for all your brand development needs. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

What Will Our Expertly Built Websites Give You?

  • Expertly researched, quality local SEO.
  • Professionally written, well organized content.
  • Professional, attractive branding, logos and media.
  • Mobile-friendly, available to your customers on any device.
  • Fully customized to you, your business and your needs.
  • Ecommerce availability for customers to purchase directly from your website.
  • Customized analytics, which gives the ability to know what works and what needs to change.
  • Third party tools to customize your website.

In this modern world, having a website is a necessity for a great business.

Build a great site with Kush Media Co. in Waterville, ME.

When our team works with you for all your marketing needs from your social media and email management, to your logo and branding and your website it provides a high quality, cohesive professional impression to your customers.

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