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The Top Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD Website’s SEO Optimization

The Top Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD Website’s SEO Optimization


Have you been trying to find ways to improve the flow of potential customers to your cannabis, hemp, or CBD website? You likely have seen the recommendation of improving your SEO or Search Engine Optimization as a great way to solve the website traffic issue. This uses certain cannabis related keywords in key places on your website to improve the ranking of your site on search engines.

Finding search engine optimization experts to help with this is great, however, finding experts specifically trained for cannabis, hemp, or CBD SEO is even better. These experts will help with the knowledge and research-based keywords and phrases your potential customers are using to search the web for your products and services. This will dramatically increase your cannabis, CBD or hemp website’s rankings.

There are multiple ways to go about optimizing your cannabis, hemp, or CBD website. Your keywords and phrases can be utilized within your content, in your URL address, in title tags, headers, or sub-headers. You can also introduce Google Webmaster Tools to work on your site, use a SEO-friendly content management system, or utilize a sitemap.


Here are our top tricks for improving the SEO of your cannabis, hemp, and CBD website:


  • Researching the best cannabis, hemp, and CBD keywords.
    The most strategic and simple step of improving your search engine optimization for your cannabis, hemp, and CBD business is taking the time to be sure you are using the right keywords. Your keywords can be both broad and very specific, however the more specific to cannabis, hemp, and CBD keyword, the higher the chance of increasing your sales. A customer who is using a specific keyword for a search is most likely looking to find a specific cannabis, hemp, and CBD product or service and with SEO they are more likely to find you!


  • Naturally occurring cannabis, hemp, and CBD keywords.
    While you want your keywords to be specific to drive cannabis, hemp, or CBD sales, you also should ensure your keywords naturally come up in your site content and drive the content further. This ensures that it’s not obvious that you are trying to sell your cannabis, hemp, or CBD products and services, but instead that you are focused on helping your customers, offering cannabis, hemp, or CBD knowledge and are a trustworthy business. You are competing in a market of competitors and need to consistently work to improve your SEO. Post new cannabis, hemp, and CBD SEO rich content regularly with naturally occurring cannabis, hemp, and CBD keywords and phrases. Your content will draw in your customers and make your business relative and current resulting in retaining consumers from your audience.


  • Keep your cannabis, hemp, and CBD business authentic.
    Keep your cannabis, hemp, or CBD content related to you, your business, and your mission to serve your customers with the best product in the industry. Use original to you content, limiting the chances of plagiarism. Republishing old articles, or content not authentically yours will lower your authenticity and ruin your credibility. Your cannabis, hemp, and CBD business is uniquely yours for reasons that are all your own. Connect with your customers to increase your website traffic.


  • Use of internal links and onsite elements on your cannabis, hemp, and CBD website.
    Use internal links for your important pages, to drive a cannabis, hemp, and CBD consumer to your website. Use links regularly in your site content to raise the site rank in search engine results. You should be using meta-descriptions, tags and keywords on every page of your cannabis, hemp, and CBD website. Perform edits and performance reviews regularly to ensure your website is optimized and your keywords are the right length and have correct placement.

Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD SEO


The best bet to improve your cannabis, hemp, and CBD search engine ranking is to employ the help of search engine optimization experts who can do the work for you. The cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry is fast-growing and it’s important your website stays relevant and ranking. Contact us today to help!


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