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The Best Weed for Creativity

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The Best Weed for Creativity

Boost Your Creativity With These Strains!

Cannabis and creativity have gone hand in hand for years. The best weed for creativity will allow us to access new thoughts and ideas, expand our imagination, and look at things in a much different light. For many individuals, cannabis adds a certain color to their daily lives, allowing us to appreciate the small details and nuances that are often looked over on a regular basis.

Thankfully, with the rise of cannabis research, we can dive into the science behind these certain strains and accurately determine the most euphoric strains and the best weed for creativity and focus. All strains vary in their terpene and cannabinoid profiles, giving them strain-specific effects, making some strains the perfect tool to get the creative juices flowing.

This blog will feature some of our favorite strains for creativity!

Jack Hererbest strains for creativity

Jack Herer is a very popular strain, for good reason. This strain contains the pinene terpene, giving it a sharp, pine-like aroma. Jack Herer promotes a focused, alert mindset and is famous for its mellow high that leaves the mind relaxed and flexible. Contact your local caregiver storefront and give Jack Herer a try today!


Chemdog is another potent classic. This hybrid is perfect for a seasoned consumer that is looking for a heady high that packs a powerful punch. Chemdog will bring you a strong rush of creativity that will allow your mind to wander and ideas to come flooding in.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a key to unlocking the creative mind. This strain will heighten your senses, unlocking their full potential. This uplifting strain promotes a positive mood and euphoric energy. The classic by Jimi Hendrix pays great homage to this original strain and its creative, mind-expanding effects.

best strains for creativityTangie

Tangie is a sweet citrus flavored strain that is packed with surprises. It provides a meditative high, making it easy to focus on a long project that could otherwise feel long and overwhelming. Tangie creates a positive outlook on mundane situations, allowing you to tackle projects head on, and with a positive attitude.


Free your mind with the quality strain! Created by crossing Skunk #1 with Mazar-I-Sharif, the LSD strain packs a heavy punch leaving you with an euphoric high and intense body buzz. This strain isn’t recommended for first time users but is sure to satisfy any veteran user looking to expand their mind and look at the world through a different lense.


This sativa-hybrid is a mellow smoke, with a complex terpene profile and relaxing effects. This strain offers a long, cerebral high, allowing you to stay alert and be fully engaged in social activities and creative projects.

Berry Whitebest strains for creativity

Creative minds sometimes need to slow down before they begin to let their creativity unfold. Berry White brings a slow paced high that is perfect for the over reactive minds. Many artists will likely benefit from this strain as it provides great relief from pain and inflammation, allowing the artist to be fully immersed in their work.

Creativity comes to all of us at different times and from different places. The best art comes from a freed mind, and we strongly believe cannabis can play a huge role in that. Many individuals see the world in a different light when using cannabis. They are able to recognize and appreciate the little nuances we can easily overlook on a day-to-day basis. We have listed a handful of our favorite strains to aid in creativity and expanding the mind to new lengths.


Contact your trusted local dispensary or caregiver storefront to discuss these strains and try them for yourself!