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How Does Creativity & Compliance Play a Role in Cannabis Advertising?

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How Does Creativity & Compliance Play a Role in Cannabis Advertising?

The Importance of Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Compliance within the cannabis industry is necessary when trying to grow a successful and trusted business. The state of Maine enforces strict compliance rules to ensure the state’s cannabis programs are running smoothly. Showing prospective partners that you have internal practices in place to ensure you are following compliance will attract respected members of the cannabis industry.

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It’s important to have trusted, knowledgeable sources to maintain your business and ensure compliance is in order. The team at Kush Media Co. understands how important compliance is within the cannabis industry. We work with businesses nationwide so it’s important that we stay on top with the rules and regulations within all the states we encounter. We are consistently researching compliance within the state and industry to ensure our clients’ websites and businesses will remain successful, following state guidelines and making changes when necessary. The Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) in the state of Maine has strict laws regarding marijuana advertising. The Office of Marijuana Policy was established in 2019 as an office within the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) with a mission to ensure the health and safety of all Mainers effectively and responsibly licensing and regulating marijuana establishments. The Office of Marijuana Policy oversees all aspects of legalized marijuana. Here are some important rules and regulations to keep in mind with your own medical or adult-use storefront:

Compliance Within Branding

Maine has recently adopted the same warning label as Massachusetts for their cannabis products. All Maine cannabis products must now have labels that say “Not Safe For Kids” and “Contains THC”. The adoption of these warning labels carries hope for New England states to unify various marijuana regulations in hopes for federal legalization. Director of the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy, Erik Gunderson, stated that the “same universal symbol will ensure that customers can clearly recognize products that contain THC whether in Massachusetts or Maine.” Remaining consistent with compliance is crucial in hopes for federal legalization.

Brand-specific labels and creative designs are also closely regulated. On top of needing labels stating the product “contains THC” and “not safe for kids”, all dispensaries, caregivers, and storefronts must be sure their labels don’t depict fruit, animals, people, faces, or reference the word “candy” on the packaging.

What is White-Labeling? cannabis advertising

White-labeling is a popular method of distribution among the cannabis industry. The process of white-labeling is when a producer sells packaged but unbranded products to another seller such as a caregiver, dispensary, delivery service, and more. These sellers then put their own branding on the product and sell it as their own, however, still must remain in compliance with state cannabis labeling rules and regulations.

Trust Kush Media Co With Your Company’s Compliance!

At Kush Media Co., our well-educated staff are constantly staying up to date with the ever-changing laws and regulations within the cannabis community.  The Kush Media crew will stay on top of everything from ensuring your recreational license numbers are listed on sites for adult use. With branding, we ensure all logos and designs that businesses want to use are within OMP guidelines and are affordable to redo if ever necessary.  We remain compliant and have a clear understanding of the laws and regulations for every state we work with including the various platforms we use for marketing purposes such as digital with traditional websites, google, social media marketing, radio, and even print! We will work diligently to ensure your business is receiving as much traffic as possible!